Case Study

Case Study Leading Mobile Content APP

Low activations to Content Stream Conversions

   . Integrated Targeting across the acquired Users.
   . Identified and found idle users.
   . Right audience: Promoted Regional Content to Regional users.
   . Right timing: Used launch of new Film to increase Streaming users.
   . Relevant content: Promoted English Content to higher Income bracket users.

Month-1 Month-2 Month-3 Month-4 Month-5
Content Stream Percentage w.r.t. Activations 26.50% 47.60% 52.70% 52.50% 65.60%

Increased Streaming percentage of App from 25% to 65% in 4 months leading to increase in Monthly Active users and Screen views

Total Userbase (unique activations) given for this app: 4M All users acquired by using our in-house inventory. No other third party network. Non-incentivized promotions.