MoMagic invests in mChamp, a contest app that helps you meet and take selfies with celebs

Over the past nine months, mChamp claims to have conducted 50 celebrity meet-and-greets for mChamp contestants.More..

CEO and Founder MoMagic featured in

Arun Gupta, chief executive officer and founder, MoMagic Technologies, is a technology veteran turned entrepreneur. He has over 23 years’ experience in areas such as business development, product management and mobile technologies.More..

10 trends that will shape up the future of mobile ads and marketing

With SEA showing signs of explosive smartphone growth and the young demographics becoming increasingly tech savvy, mobile ads can make great inroads and become a lucrative market for ad-revenues.More..

MoMagic Technologies Looks at 50% Growth in its Revenue.

MoMagic Technologies is working aggressively to expand its Business existing in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Srilanka & exploring geographies like Africa.More..

Foxconn unit buys 10 per cent in MoMagic

Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer, has bought a 10 per cent stake in MoMagic Technologies to expand its presence in India where it has pledged over $5 billion towards manufacturing, with separate investments in startups.More..

This mobile Internet startup has more users than WhatsApp does in India

MoMagic, which helps app developers and content firms reach consumers through various means, claims to reach more than 90 million users.More..

MoMagic aims to add 12 million new users in FY 2015-2016

MoMagic Technologies has said that it is aiming to add 12 million new users in fiscal year 2015-2016, as part of its smartphone database survey.More..

MoMagic reaches out to 90M Users in India

MoMagic Technologies, which works across all the widely used mobile platforms and in the area of mobile Internet services, offers innovative and analytically driven solutions to enterprises and ecommerce players who are targeting mobile as a key tool for connect with consumers for business and communication.More..

What’s Driving The Future of Mobile VAS

New Delhi, July 10: Globally, the Value Added services (VAS) industry is going through a rough phase with the emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) services. More..

4G To Drive The Next Big Thing In M-VAS

New Delhi, July 10: Globally, the Value Added services (VAS) industry is going through a rough phase with the emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) services. In that perspective, there is a need to discuss ways to make VAS or mobile value added services (M-VAS) business more profitable and relevant.More..

What is the next big thing in VAS: Hear it from the industry experts

VAS or Value added services have faced a deep slump in the market with the emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) services. Operators do accept that the entire structure of VAS has been turned upside down because of this.More..

MoMagic Forms JV With Symphony Mobile To Foray Into Bangladesh

Mobile VAS company MoMagic Technologies, has inked a joint venture with Symphony Mobile, a Bangladesh-based mobile handset brand, to enter the Bangladeshi VAS market and set up a new entity called ‘MoMagic Bangladesh’… More..

MoMagic launches Android application to control phone with just an SMS

MoMagic Technologies, a Noida based company with focus on mobile platform operation and mobile Internet service for India and other emerging markets has…More..

Leveraging MVAS Potential

“Mobile value-added services help service providers in generating new revenue streams as well as the consumers in receiving the benefits of personalized applications, says Arun Gupta, Founder & CEO, MoMagic Technologies.”More..

Ready To Shell Out More For VAS Students Say – MoMagic Survey

Students are ready to pay more than double if they are provided the right services, these are initial findings of the survey recently conducted by MoMagic Technologies, Noida based VAS company.More..

MoMagic Ties Up With Indiagames For Games on MediaTek’s MRE Platform

Mobile VAS company, MoMagic has partnered with Disney’s Indiagames to develop games based on MediaTek’s MRE (Maui Runtime Environment) platform.More..

3G penetration will help expand VAS market in India

Though VAS in India is only 10% of total operator’s revenue as compared to 30% in Europe and Japan, it is likely to go up with the penetration of 3G services in India.More..

MediaTek MRE app platform to realise smartphone services for feature phones, MoMagic develops App store service on it

Mauri Runtime Environment (MRE) is the latest offering from Taiwanese fables semiconductor company MediaTek, which is a full-fledged application development platform. More..

MoMagic Launches App Store For MediaTek’s MRE Platform

Mobile VAS company, MoMagic has said that it has developed an app store for apps based on chipset manufacturer, MediaTek’s MRE ( Maui Runtime Environment) platform.More..

MoMagic Develops VAS App For Operators

MoMagic has developed an app for developers to offer easy-to-navigate VAS services in local languages on subscribers’ handset. More..

MediaTek Invests In Former India Director’s Startup MoMagic

After picking up 20% in Spice Digital*, chipset manufacturer MediaTekit has made an undisclosed investment in mobile VAS startup MoMagic. The LinkedIn profile of MoMagic CEO Arun Gupta states that “MoMagic is a MediaTek Inc invested company.” More..

MoMagic Announces Partnership With MediaTek

Friday, August 19, 2011:In order to cater to the ever-increasing demands of Mobile VAS in the Indian market, MoMagic Technologies, a young Mobile VAS company in India has announced a strategic..More..